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Taizong of Tang

Legends of the Great Chinese Emperors
Year of issue:2023
Issuer country:Niue
Face Value:5 Dollars
Weight:2 oz
Dimensions:45 mm
Relief:High relief
Additional:Gilded color
Mintage:500 pieces


Taizong of Tang – third coin of the series Legends of the Great Chinese Emperors, previously Prince of Qin, personal name Li Shimin, was the second emperor of the Tang dynasty of China, ruling from 626 to 649. He is traditionally regarded as a co-founder of the dynasty for his role in encouraging his father Li Yuan (Emperor Gaozu) to rebel against the Sui dynasty at Jinyang in 617. Taizong subsequently played a pivotal role in defeating several of the dynasty’s most dangerous opponents and solidifying its rule over China proper.

Taizong is considered to be one of the greatest emperors in China’s history, and henceforth his reign became regarded as the exemplary model against which all future emperors were measured. His era, the “Reign of Zhenguan (Chinese: 貞觀之治; pinyin: Zhēnguàn Zhī Zhì)” is considered a golden age in ancient Chinese history and was treated as required studying material for future crown princes. Taizong continued to develop imperial examination systems. He asked his officials to be loyal to policies, not people, in order to eliminate corruption. Under the Zhenguan era, Tang China flourished economically and militarily. For more than a century after his death, China enjoyed prosperity and peace brought about by the solidification of imperial protection over the Chinese regions.

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