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Carpathian Mint

The Carpathian Mint team is made up of a cultural mix of people with diverse European nationalities, from the owner-partners to the last employee. We work from Poland, the European country with the largest numismatic culture and home to some of the most important mints and companies in the world.

Between the whole team we speak five languages, so you will probably be able to communicate with us in any of them. Our entire team has a great sense of duty, loyalty, humour, friendship and commitment, so you will be able to work comfortably and soon feel part of our family.


We're looking for Freelancers

2D artist / Digital designer

We are looking for freelance artists who are able to draw the scenes that our design team develops.

3D artist / 3D modeller

We are looking for freelance 3D modellers who are able to draw the scenes that our design team develops.

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Carpathian Mint

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