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Red Horse – Ennobling Bullion

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Year of issue:2024
Issuer country:Carpathians
Face Value:5 Thalers
Weight:1 oz
Dimensions:38.61 mm
Finish:Ruthenium, palladium, rose gold
Mintage:500 pieces


Red Horse is the second Carpathian Mint Ennobling Bullion, with the same design as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse series. This series will consist of four coins, following the same design of the collector coin series.

On the reverse of the coin we can appreciate exactly the same design as the collector coin series, however, on the obverse we can appreciate a change in the issuing country and face value, 5 Thalers and Carpathians instead of Niue and 5 Dollars.

This unique version has been ennobled on both sides with ruthenium, palladium and red gold, carefully highlighting each element of the scene so that it can be better appreciated. The coin’s base is ruthenium plated, the red horse is red gold plated and the horseman, letters and Carpathian Mint shield is palladium plated.

Each coin comes with its capsule,certificate of authenticity, premium wooden box and full printed wrapper. Only 500 pieces are available worldwide.

Download materials here.

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