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Carpathian Mint is a brand of the Pela Coins S.K.A. company. Pela-Coins, has more than 15 years of successful history, author of such important series as The Romance of Three Kingdoms, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and others, with more than 100 coins issued during its time of activity.

We have created a new mint that will bring to the coin collector’s market a new era of top quality coins, full of colour, detail, relief, dynamism and, in short, art.

Our professional Team

Piotr Pela

Co-founder and Co-owner
Head of Finances & Suppliers

Maja Pela

Co-founder and Co-owner
Head of Logistic

Sebastian Łukawski

Head of Administration

Mateusz Łukawski

Administration manager


Security Environment


Office Supervisor

Coins from the
Carpathian Mint

We have the most advanced techniques and the most qualified and experienced professionals to transform our ideas into works of art for all our customers and collectors. Our products are characterised and distinguished by:

  • An reverse full of detail and contrast, with a magnificent high relief that allows the collector to admire the scene at a glance. With gold-plated elements, wood, mineral, metal and other inserts, vivid metallic colours and lots more to come.
  • An obverse full of detail symbolising the essence of the series, in low relief (or high relief for heavy coins).
  • A wrapper full of colour and detail that depicts and represents both the coin and the series.
  • Our black lacquered wooden boxes with our logo in gold, different for each coin size.

All the elements of our products are carefully designed to delight our customers and the most demanding collector.


Main strengths of
Carpathian Mint

Large selection of themes and designs
Continuous updating of technology
High quality coin product
Constant updating of goods

Advantages of the Carpathian Mint


Exclusive coins from around the world

We analyse history, mythology, literature, film, painting, sculpture, architecture and nature in search of what suits the collector best.


We are constantly updating our coin collections

We make new releases every month, we never abandon a series and we never disappoint our customers.


A team of professionals and enthusiasts

Our team is made up of experts in each field, who complement each other perfectly to form Carpathian Mint.


A reliable partner is always with you

Our word is our main skill, we always respect agreements with suppliers and customers, we never stop fighting to improve.

Sophistication in Detail

White Horse



Sima Yi

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How can I place an order?
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